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The Practice was founded in about 1900 and moved from its original premises on Densham’s Corner into a brand new health centre in Lawson Street in 1974.  The health centre was later replaced by the current building which was opened in 2006 when the practice became Densham Surgery, named after the practice founder, Dr Henry Densham. 

There have been a considerable number of changes over the years, especially since April 1990.  We now employ more staff and run more clinics. 

We consider that we provide comprehensive health care of a high standard. 




If you are over 65 years of age OR under 64 years of age and in an at risk group, please contact our Reception Team who will make a flu vaccination appointment for you. 



From the 1st September 2023, if you are in the following age groups you will be eligble for a shingles vaccination. 

Age 70 with Date of Birth between 01/09/1953-31/08/-1954

Age 65 with Date of Birth between 01/09/1958-31/08/1959

If you are over 70 years of age and have not had a shingles vaccine before, you remain eligible up to your 80th birthday. 

Please contact our reception team to make an appointment. 

You may also be elgible from the age of 50 if you have a severely weakend immune system. Please contact the surgery to arrange a telephone consult with the nurse to discuss this further. 


Think Pharmacy First

People often visit their GP with minor illnesses that a local pharmacist could help with. Instead of booking a GP appointment, you can visit your local pharmacy , saving you time and with no appointment needed – you can just walk in.

All pharmacists can give advice and medicine if you need it that will help clear up the problem. If your condition is more serious, they will refer you to your GP.

What’s more, many pharmacies are open in the evenings and on the weekends.

Can I get free treatment?

If you don’t normally pay for your medicines, then you don’t need to pay with Think Pharmacy First – you can get them free and over the counter from your local pharmacist without the need to see your GP.

Which illnesses are included?

Advice from your pharmacist is always free, but thanks to the Think Pharmacy First scheme they can also provide treatment for the minor illnesses below:

Back pain



Period pain




Bites and stings

Hay fever

Skin reactions



Colds and flu     

Sore throat

Fevers and/or temperature


Ear wax

Ear infection

Bacterical conjunctivitis (sticky eyes)


Stomach aches








Skin/mouth problems

Athletes foot


Cold sores

Contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin)

Fungal skin infection

Impetigo (blisters)

Nappy rash


Skin rash

Vaginal thrush

Warts and verrucae

Head lice

Opening Times

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Register for Online Services

To register for our online services you will need to visit the practice, bringing with you two forms of identification. One of these items should include your photograph. We will then issue you a username and password and instructions on how to log on. Thank you. 

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